Inside The SOTW Mag Couples Therapy Issue—Torrente’s Take

Inside The SOTW Mag Couples Therapy Issue—Torrente’s Take


Magazine: Inside The SOTW Mag Couples Therapy Issue—Torrente’s Take


When Jason Johnson called to discuss my turn in the column rotation for the latest digital magazine, he thought I should consider writing about something related to this year’s couples-themed Interview Issue. Writer’s block soon kicked in as I was out of my comfort zone. It’s not like I wanted to write about myself and my incredibly supportive wife, Flavia. I mean that would be easy because she is amazing, but the reader service would be lacking.

It’s hard to beat a relaxing day on the water in a performance boat with your better half—and the couples in this year’s Interview Issue are evidence of that. Photo of the Torrente family by Pete Boden copyright Shoot 2 Thrill Pix.

Then again, we have enjoyed boating as a couple for almost 30 years—and some of our best memories are days when it’s just her and me (and often our daughter) out in our own boat on the weekend. That’s the main reason I own a boat—because I don’t really need to own one since I’m around boats all of the time for work.

As I thought about the subject more, I realized that there is a common theme and thread with many of the boating customers and friends we’ve met in this industry and it echoes with the people featured on the following pages.

Knowing a majority of the couples interviewed for this issue intimately, I determined that a deep appreciation for being on the water together is shared by all of the successful couples included, from my friends, Mike and Sarah Howe, to my friend and fellow racing competitor, Myrick Coil and his fun-loving wife, Missi. That’s one of the things that makes boating so special to me.

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