Image Of The Week: Putting The Offshore Back In Fort Myers Offshore

Image Of The Week: Putting The Offshore Back In Fort Myers Offshore

A professional freelance photographer, Pete Boden accepts most go-fast boating event jobs as long as they fit into his schedule and compensate him properly. But if Boden had his way, all those events would happen in rough water, because the rough stuff produces his most spectacular high-flying images.

Ken Paul and company were more than willing to air out his 31-foot Sutphen V-bottom during last Saturday’s Fort Myers Offshore event. Photo by Pete Boden copyright Shoot 2 Thrill Pix.

Boden is not shy when it comes to expressing this preference, as client Tim Hill, the president of Fort Myers Offshore in Southwest Florida, knows well. But most of the nonprofit scholarship club’s members prefer not to abuse their boats or their bodies, so they usually stick to the Intracoastal Water rather than the Gulf of Mexico.

Last Saturday’s Fort Myers Offshore Burnt Store Fun Run provided the rare exception. The majority of participants, including Ken Paul is his 31-foot Sutphen V-bottom, opted for more-sporty Gulf of Mexico water. Of course, Boden didn’t miss his chance to capture a bit of high-flying action.

In fact, he even came up with the headline for this Image of the Week.

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