Hardin Marine Returning To Miami With Multi-Front Product Display—And Better Real Estate

Hardin Marine Returning To Miami With Multi-Front Product Display—And Better Real Estate

If you didn’t catch the Hardin Marine exhibit during the 2022 Miami International Boat Show, you weren’t alone. The usually hard-to-miss product display trailer for the aftermarket marine products company was in front of the renovated Miami Beach Convention Center but tucked off to one side behind a fire lane.

The Hardin Marine display at the upcoming Miami International Boat Show will present an array of digital products and more this year.

This time around, the display truly will be located front-and-center outside the convention center during the February 15-19 show. It will not be difficult to find.

According to Hardin Marine representative C.J. Rivera, the company will exhibit a mix of digital-upgrade and creature-comfort products during 2023 Miami event.

“We’ve got a bunch of new digital technology items coming,” Rivera explained. “Our focus has been complimenting the driver experience through integration to the glass-panel-type dashes found in virtually every new boat. We’re also expanding on the exodus away from more manually cable-driven products.

Hardin Marine’s aftermarket marine products display is simply unmatched in the high-performance powerboat world.

“In the big picture, it’s been a bit of a moving target,” he continued. “We have been focused on bringing new technology to a previous generation of boats. And now we are also focused on creature comforts and driver aids for new production boats.”

In a savvy move given the international nature of the Miami happening, the company will have multilingual representatives in the available to answer questions throughout the show. Representatives from West Coast-based product distributor CP Performance also will be on hand.

Editor’s note: Sponsors of the 2022 Speed On The Water “In The Lead” video series, CP Performance and Hardin Marine are returning as series backers this year.

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