Gunboat 68.07

Gunboat 68.07

Gunboat’s latest addition to the family, the Gunboat 68.07 named “Little Wing”, symbolizes much more than just an event on our calendar.

The highly technical, 18-month build represents Gunboat’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and quality and an unparalleled sailing experience. We’re bringing the craftsmanship and deep knowledge of French boatbuilders to the cutting edge of high-performance cruising cats. Here’s more on the newest Gunboat to join the fleet…


How Fast is a Gunboat 68? Watch the video to find out! Thanks to William Jelbert for sharing. ▫ This was taken during commissioning of Gunboat’s latest catamaran: 68.07 “Little Wing”.  She looks 100% Hendrix. ▫ #LittleWing #Sailing #SeaTrial #Lifestyle #Speed

♬ Born To Be Wilde – Steppenwolf

Meticulously crafted in our factory in the south of France, where tradition and technology come together. At Gunboat, we incorporate over 20 years of Gunboat sailing experience with the rich history and depth of knowledge unique to the French professional sailing and boatbuilding industries. “Little Wing” is the perfect example of this successful fusion, embodying innovation, quality, and craftsmanship at its highest level.

Gunboat 68.07 - photo © Gunboat
Gunboat 68.07 – photo © Gunboat

And launch time is truly exciting for dedicated team who have been focused day in and day out to achieve such a large-scale production.

Each Gunboat is highly customized and precise. “Little Wing” is designed to meet the needs and preferences of the owner’s vision for sailing, resulting in a unique Gunboat that reflects vision and delivers the sailing experience of a lifetime. Some owner-selected upgrades and customizations include:

  • 5 cabin / 5 head configuration
  • 29m “Regatta” rig
  • 4m daggerboards
  • Nomex floorboards for additional weight savings
  • Metallic two-tone paint called Magic Cloud, that catched silver or gold hues depending on her surroundings
  • A Galley-island configuration in the salon
  • Tillers aft, in addition to the forward central helm station
  • Custom tiller seats

The launch of “Little Wing” took place over two days in steps and stages that took 68.07 from build project to sailboat! While still in the factory, 68.07 had her final weigh-in, confirming again the precision expected for the build.

 Gunboat 68.07 © Gunboat

Then, the departure from the factory marked the beginning of the adventure as she was moved to the launch area at the marina. Prior to launch, daggerboards were meticulously installed for a precise fit and mechanical accuracy. Finally, we celebrated the launch of the boat, marking the culmination of months of hard work and dedication from the entire Gunboat team.

Gunboat 68.07 - photo © Gunboat
Gunboat 68.07 – photo © Gunboat

Sea Trials

With the stepping the mast and her first days off the dock, initial sea trials have already taken place with positive feedback.

Sea trials continue for the next few weeks as we work through a comprehensive list of testing and tuning ahead of handover to the owners – and we feel more and more deeply connected to Little Wing! Soon she’ll set off for a summer of cruising the Med, and it is only the beginning of the exciting adventures that await this exceptional sailboat!

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