First 500R-Powered Sunsation 32 CCX—No. 200—Gets Special Anniversary Treatment

First 500R-Powered Sunsation 32 CCX—No. 200—Gets Special Anniversary Treatment

What better way to celebrate an anniversary edition model than to roll out new features, new power and new looks all at the same time? That’s what Algonac, Mich-based Sunsation Powerboats and its local dealer, UNRIEHL Performance in Chesterfield, did with the latest 32 CCX to come out of the Sunsation factory.

The first Sunsation Powerboats 32 CCX with Mercury Racing 500R engines (below) just so happens to be the 200th 32-footer from the Michigan company. Photos by Brad DiMaggio courtesy Sunsation Powerboats

Featuring twin Mercury Racing 500R engines—its Sunsation’s first 32-footer with the new 500-hp engines—and an “Americana” theme graphics package with a bold paintjob from Mitcher T and color-matching upholstery and flooring, the 200th 32 CCX is a thing of beauty and an all-around performer. What’s also cool about the milestone boat, which was on display at the  Detroit Boat Show from January 27 to February 4, is that it took Sunsation a little more than 36 months to produce hulls 101 to 200, whereas hulls 1 to 100 too close to 60 months.

“I feel like the 200th 32 CCX had to be our first 32 with the new 500Rs—it’s a bad-ass package that seems to be a great fit for the boat,” said Ryan Wenk, Sunsation’s national sales and marketing manager. “In fact, we already have two more on order and plenty more interest. We didn’t get much time to test it—it’s been too cold. Three days after we ran it, the water froze and we haven’t been able to take it out since.”

Fortunately for Wenk and the Sunsation team, not to mention Jeff Riehl and the crew at UNRIEHL Performance, the owner—a previous Sunsation 32 CCX owner from New Jersey who was looking to upgrade—is building a new house and is not in a hurry to take delivery of the 32-footer until summer. That means there will be time for testing and for showcasing the boat at other boat shows.

Wenk said he’s eager for more people to see 32 CCX No. 200 and some of the changes Sunsation made to the model. Not only did the company redesign the dash to give it a more ergonomic setup, the team updated the bow seating so that a Garmin GPS display can be installed up front, a first for the builder.

Sunsation also modified the rear lounge seating so that it has an extended lounge on both sides of the center walk-through featuring a fold-down cushion. It also made some changes to the upholstery and flooring patterns.

“The boat shows very well; the paint came out super nice and we went with every option—and then some—including the new 500R engines,” Riehl said. “We wanted to recognize that this was boat No. 200, but we didn’t want to get carried away. We were already pretty far along when the customer got involved, but he was able to change a few options and even make some adjustments to the paint rendering, so he was happy and I was happy.”










Check out the slideshow above for more images of the 32 CCX.

Riehl said he’s excited to have the boat available for boat shows this spring.

“The 32 CCX—not just this one—is such an incredible boat,” Riehl said. “I tell everyone it’s my favorite boat that we sell. It’s like the Swiss Army knife of boats. It does everything. It’s so versatile and functional, and the performance is amazing.”

He added that the dealership has three 32 CCX models on order, including a lesser-equipped all gray and black with twin Mercury Racing 300R engines that he thinks may appeal to a more entry-level buyer. He’s right. Between the performance, the appearance, the Mercury Racing power packages and the fit and finish, the 32 CCX is a winner. There’s a reason Sunsation builds so many and is likely to roll out its next 100 32-footers in less time than the last 100.

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