Doug Wright 36 Carbon Waves And Wheels Edition Ready For Delivery

Doug Wright 36 Carbon Waves And Wheels Edition Ready For Delivery

The owners of the first Doug Wright Powerboats 36 Carbon Waves and Wheels Edition catamaran got a chance to see their new boat in person at the end of last week in Central Missouri. Unfortunately the first boat ordered, customized and completed by the Osage Beach, Mo.-based dealer wasn’t quite ready for the Southern California performance boaters Jerry and Andrea Olsen to take it for a spin, but they will get to do just that very soon on their home water of Lake Havasu, the Colorado River-fed lake that borders Arizona and California.

Justin Wagner said the new hotos by Jim Davis/Lake of the Ozarks Boat Club

“This boat is amazing,” said Justin Wagner, the owner of Waves and Wheels as well as Bluave Marine Audio, Graphix1 Paint and The Boardwalk at Waves and Wheels, a marina located at mile marker 26 at the lake. “We were able to get it on the water last weekend and get all of the finishing touches completed so the boat can be delivered to the Olsens. It is on its way to Lake Havasu at the moment and I’m hoping to get out there and be with them the first time they take it out.”

The couple is eagerly awaiting its new 36-footer from the Melbourne, Fla., boatbuilder that is powered by twin Mercury Racing 450R engines.

“I think Jerry was really thrilled with how everything came together with the boat; it’s his dream boat for sure,” Wagner said. “My guys poured their hearts into this one. Like me, they understand this is a statement piece—a very important boat for our company—so they went wild with the details.

“For me, I just really wanted to show what we had in mind and what we could accomplish in creating a Waves and Wheels Edition,” he added. “I think the level of class on our boat is second to none. I want to park our 36 Carbon next to a DCB or an MTI and have people notice that the fit and finish and the bells and whistles are at the same quality level. I’m not knocking any other boats, but I feel like this is the best-looking Doug Wright on the water.”

While he loves the overall look and feel, Wagner said the boat’s performance is his favorite part. A close second are the additional rear windows that Waves and Wheels designed to extend the windshield to the back of the cockpit, as well as the boat’s stunning blue, gray and black paintjob.

“The rear windows were an enormous undertaking, but it was worth it,” Wagner explained. “From start to finish, we spent two weeks on those ‘two little windows,’ but I tell you what, they made all the difference in the world for the people sitting in the back.”

In terms of performance, Wagner, who has owned several massive sterndrive-powered Skater Powerboats catamarans, said he was impressed by the 36-footer’s acceleration with the twin 450-hp outboard engines. He credited his longtime friend, Andy Sanders, for assisting Waves and Wheels with the boat’s setup and parts of the rigging process.

“I am highly impressed with driving a 36 Carbon—I mean it’s the real deal,” he said with enthusiasm. “Doug (Wright) knows what he’s doing. I mean it’s like driving a damn car. It’s so smooth and it turns so tight. It’s literally perfect right out of the box. We moved the engines up a little but that is all we did. And I’m glad we went with the carbon layup because the boat is so quiet and the acceleration is better with less weight.”

Wagner made sure to thank the team behind the boat’s graphics.

“I think it’s the nicest paint job to ever come out of Graphix1,” he said. “I have to credit to our team and my Graphix1 partner, Any Imhof of Maryland Offshore Performance Marine Center. I spent a lot of time with him on the colors and design, and he spent countless hours fine-tuning the renderings for our crew, who did an incredible job painting the boat. My hat is off to Andy and the guys for taking the design to the next level.

“Our team did such a wonderful job overall,” he continued, calling out special modern features along the dash, three-dimensional side panels, color-matched SeaDek on the steps to the transom and, of course, a full complement of Bluave Marine Audio components. “Tony, Mark, Cale, Josh, Anthonee, Dustin, Trent and all three Andys—Imhof, Sanders and Wells—deserve so much praise for their effort on this project.”

Wagner added that he’s excited to tackle the next Waves and Wheels Edition Doug Wright, which should be arriving soon and on display during the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout later this month.

“We should have our first 42, which is going to be powered by Mercury Racing 500Rs, at the Shootout On The Strip in a few weeks,” he said. “It’s going to be basically a blank canvas and it will be available at the Shootout for someone to order and make their own. We have some renderings available and will obviously be guiding the project, but it will be driven by what the client wants.

“The 36 was more time-consuming than I expected but it definitely turned out the way we wanted it,” he added. “It’s a piece of art. Hardly anything in the boat is something you can order and bolt on. We did order some nice parts from Shaun Torrente Racing. I have to thank Shaun and his team for supplying so many pieces. Their hardware is going to be part of our package on every boat we finish.”

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