DCB M28R Catamaran With 450R Outboard Engines The Ticket For Arizona Buyer


New Products: DCB M28R Catamaran With 450R Outboard Engines The Ticket For Arizona Buyer


Since introducing its M37R catamaran less than two years ago, DCB Performance Boats has delivered 13 of the full-tunnel beauties—the most recent of which was the first to be built with an open bow—to buyers from California to New York. And the El Cajon, Calif., has 17 sexy 37-footers powered by Mercury Racing 450R outboard engines yet to build and orders are show no signs of slowing.

The DCB M28R catamaran checked all the right boxes for first-time DCB owner Paul Carter of Lake Havasu City, Ariz.

Still, the El Cajon, Calif., company is far from done producing other models such as the M28R.

“There are lots of reasons our customers will choose an M28R over an M33R or M37R,” explained Jeff Johnston, the president of DCB. “It could be someone’s first twin-engine cat. Or it could be storage logistics—an M28R fits in a 10-x-35-foot storage facility—or towing logistics—you can haul it with a Chevy Tahoe or a medium-size truck like a Ford F-250.

“And then there is price point,” he continued. “You can get into an extremely nice, customized DCB M28R with new, reliable and popular Mercury Racing 450R power in the low-to-mid $300,000 range.”

Said Carter, “It’s going to take me a little time  to get used to the extra stuff.”

For semi-retired Paul Carter, a 19-year resident of Lake Havasu City, Ariz., the 28-footer checked several of those boxes. The Mercury Racing 450R outboard engine-powered cat fit his budget, is his first twin-engine boat and met his on-water and storage size requirements.

“I wanted to join the 100-mph club,” said Carter, who owns a boat and recreational vehicle facility storage facility in Lake Havasu City and celebrated his 70th birthday this week. “I really wanted the 26 from DCB, but they don’t make it anymore. The 28 is almost a bigger boat than I wanted, but I have a 60-foot storage facility for it so the truck and boat can stay hooked together in there.

“I’m a ‘Tuesday boater,’” he continued. “I look to put the boat in the water during the week, run to Pirate Cove for a burger, come back and put the boat away. I don’t like big crowds and I don’t go out on the lake on weekends.”

A former Conquest Boss deckboat owner and a big fan of that brand, Carter said he has a lot to learn about his new prize and will proceed with caution. He took delivery from the DCB’s Tony Chiaramonte two days ago but doesn’t planning on putting the cat back in the water until he’s completed the Tres Martin Driving School course, which he has registered for and should happen in the next few weeks. Once he’s completed the course, he’ll head out on Lake Havasu solo.

“There’s a lot of stuff going on with this boat that I’ve never had to deal with before,” he said. “I’ve never had twin engines before. I’ve never had a tunnel-tab before. So it’s going to take me a little time  to get used to the extra stuff.

“But you can’t go wrong with DCB,” he added. “And busy as he is, Jeff Johnston at DCB was great to work with.”

This week’s delivery delighted Carter and his friends.

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