Continued Domination for Team Nordic At California’s 73rd Annual Catalina Ski Race

Continued Domination for Team Nordic At California’s 73rd Annual Catalina Ski Race

The powerhouse duo of Nordic Boats owner/driver Randy Davis and skier Todd Haig led them to yet another dominating performance at Saturday’s 73rd Annual Catalina Ski Race out of Long Beach, CA. Nordic Team 191, along with navigator Steve Davis and observer Dennis Hall, completed the Men’s Open 62-mile race in just 55 minutes, 57.90 seconds—despite rough water conditions on the Pacific Ocean, out to Avalon and back.

This marks the 13th time Davis and Haig have taken home the checkered flag together, with Haig’s 16th time overall—the other three times with driver Jack Lynch.

Team Nordic’s Randy Davis and Skier Todd Haig celebrate their 13th CSR victory together

Team 172 / In-Sanity came in roughly 2-1/2 minutes later with the 42’ Fountain owner/driver Glen Hatch, skier Matt Klee, navigator Bill Steiner and observer Andy Klee took second place with Team 767’s driver Sean Clancy, skier Tim Lisens, navigator Bart Smets and observer Robert Manchett rounding out the podium with an time of 58 minutes, 53.62 seconds.

“Randy and Todd are awesome. They’re simply tough to beat,” said In-Sanity navigator “Junkyard Bill” Steiner.

CSR veteran driver Mike Avila of Team 58 / Warpath had settle for fourth place when his skier Cameron Nix went down on the last stretch back to the finish, after running neck-and-neck with Team Nordic for most of the race.

Team Nordic and Team Warpath doing battle at the turn in Avalon at the 2022 Catalina Ski Race

Congratulations also go out to Women’s Open Class champion Team 331 with driver Bruce Monroe and skier Sophia Rivers; Intermediate Men’s Class champions Team 797 with driver Darin Welter and skier Bailey Cropper; Intermediate Women’s Class champions Team 10 with driver Ross Kennedy and skier Julia Williams.

Full feature appearing in an upcoming issue of Speedboat Magazine.

Images by Daren Van Ryte @ocphotographics.



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