Commentary—Personal Engagement

Commentary—Personal Engagement

When it came to “career days” at grade-school—you know, those once-a-year classroom mornings and afternoons where parents bore kids with tales of what they do for a living—my children Anna Rose and Alex Trulio had it worse than most. I mean, come on, a writer speaking to an audience that considers English class to be an abuse of its fundamental recess rights?

Even being a plumber is cooler than that.

Five years ago, Anna Rose Trulio and David Rowe enjoyed the ride of their lives—and they are about to embark on another. Photo by Halsey Fulton copyright Outerlimits Offshore Powerboats.

Now, when it came to “take your kids to work days” my kids had it better than most because they ended up in boats. And having a dad who gets paid to ride around in boats and, OK, write about it, is way cooler than having one who plumbs for a living. (No offense, plumbers, your career is essential whereas mine is not.)

During the 2019 Outerlimits Factory Fun Run in Bristol, R.I., Anna Rose, now 26 years old and living in London, and her then-boyfriend David Rowe, got the powerboat ride of a lifetime. They spent the day—portions of it at 100-plus mph—in a 50-foot V-bottom owned by Canadian Dave Scotto.

After the ride.

My daughter enjoyed it more than her guy, but regardless it was a high-intensity, bonding experience—you know, the kind where believe you’ll survive but are not without your doubts—they will never forget.

So where the hell am I going with all of this?

A Marine Corp veteran who served from 2010 through 2014 and now works for an investment group in the United Kingdom, David Rowe is no longer Anna Rose Trulio’s boyfriend. A few days ago, he got down on one knee and became her fiancé.

Congratulations, Anna Rose and David. I love you.

Five years later.

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