Brentwood’s John Dunn Aims High for the 2024 BAM Pro Tour | Bass Angler Magazine

Brentwood’s John Dunn Aims High for the 2024 BAM Pro Tour | Bass Angler Magazine

Hailing from the lush landscapes of Roseburg, Oregon, and now anchored in Brentwood, California, John Dunn has charted a course through the waters of competitive angling with the expertise only a seasoned guide could possess. Known for his strategic prowess on the CA Delta, Dunn set his sights on the APEX Pro Tour back in 2022 and has been tirelessly working the Wild West Bass Trail Pro/Ams to secure his spot.

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Forging Ahead with Strong Partnerships

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An Angler’s Journey: More Than Just Casting Lines

Dunn’s industry involvement runs deep—far beyond the Delta’s currents. His presence at trade shows like the Western Bass Shootout, his vibrant social media content, and his generous contributions to local clubs and youth events mark him as an angler who truly invests in the sport’s future.

Crossroads to Comeback

Despite an abrupt halt to his dream of qualifying in 2023, John Dunn’s story is one of resilience. Faced with a crossroads, he didn’t just look for a path—he created one, forging partnerships that would open the gates to the 2024 BAM Pro Tour.

The BAM Pro Tour Beckons

When asked why he chose the BAM Pro Tour in 2024, Dunn’s answer is a reflection of his dedication: “I saw the opportunity and worked to achieve it.” It’s this drive that propels him into the ranks of the elite, ready to prove his mettle against a field of formidable anglers.

Casting Into the Future

As we ready our lines and set our sights on the 2024 BAM Pro Tour, all eyes are on John Dunn. Will he bring the same tenacity and spirit to the tour as he has to his guide service and community involvement? Time will tell, but if history is any indicator, Dunn is not just there to compete—he’s there to leave a mark.

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