BioFishency Hails Electro-Chemical Removal of Off-Flavors in Recirculated Aquaculture Systems (RAS)

BioFishency Hails Electro-Chemical Removal of Off-Flavors in Recirculated Aquaculture Systems (RAS)

BioFishency ELXTM Smart fully controlled electro chemical water treatment solution for ammonia removal and disinfection and the first of its kind on the market today A robust zero discharge water treatment system BioFishency ELXTM is redefining the future of RAS

BioFishency ELX decomposes MIB and geosmin, fully eliminating off-flavors in the purging while feeding process

BioFishency, a leading provider of electro-chemical and biological water treatment solutions for Recirculated Aquaculture Systems (RAS), announced today the first-ever MIB and geosmin removal from water and fish tissues, eliminating off-flavors in trout. 

BioFishency, in collaboration with the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, performed multiple tests to determine BioFishency ELX™ system’s removal of MIB and geosmin, the sources of off-flavors. Testing at BioFishency’s R&D RAS facility confirmed the world’s first-ever removal of MIB and geosmin in fish while feeding, and maintaining fish growth.

An advanced Electro-Chemical Water Treatment system, BioFishency ELX
outpowers biological RAS, all in a fully controlled environment, while eliminating off-flavors. Ideal for cold and warm water species, the multi-stage, single cycle solution transforms ammonia to nitrogen gas, supports a small carbon footprint, requires less space and energy, and operates immediately on power-up.

BioFishency Co-Founder & CTO, Igal Magen, comments, “Off-flavors significantly impact fish quality and value, where BioFishency ELX has proven successful in their removal. Traditional biological RAS, purging under starvation, consumes vast amounts of water, while growers lose ~5% in fish weight, lowering market value. BioFishency ELX presents RAS farmers with a sustainable, cost-saving solution that enables fish welfare, and normal growth during purging.”

Prof. Ori Lahav and Dr. Raz Ben-Asher, Technion Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering, confirmed that MIB and geosmin can be eliminated with BioFishency ELX in less than 10 days. During the testing, fish were exposed to water spiked with high levels of MIB and geosmin, with BioFishency ELX introduced during purging while feeding. 

Prof. Lahav comments, “In 7 days, MIB was not detected in the fish flesh, and within 10 days, geosmin was fully removed from the skin and muscles – extraordinary, never seen before results. We look forward to additional BioFishency ELX testing on salmon by globally-acclaimed Yonathan Zohar, Professor & Chair, Department of Marine Biotechnology, UMBC.”

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Founded in Israel in 2013, with offices and production facilities in Israel and China, BioFishency develops, manufactures and markets disruptive electro-chemical and biological RAS water treatment solutions. Based on Big Data analysis and independent of water temperature, the company’s patented technologies enable the production of healthier fish, lower the carbon footprint, and yield cost and resource savings. Visit

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