Bass Junkyz is on the Move

Bass Junkyz is on the Move

Bass Junkyz is on the Move

Bass Junkyz, currently the longest brand-identified Teams circuit in Arizona is growing again.

The bass boat circuit has plans to launch two other fishing circuits spanning across Arizona over to the storied bass fishing waters of Texas.

“We see an opportunity to grow and to diversify our product over other angling platforms for competitive tournament environments; Kayak and PWC.” (Greg Krueger)

Kayak bass fishing has seen rapid growth over the past 15 years and now has a place with B.A.S.S and other national organizations such as KBF. Bass Junkyz will hold their first two Kayak events at Lake Pleasant in November 2023 and January 2024 then move to the Colorado River locations of Martinez Lake, Lake Havasu, and the Parker Strip before operating in Texas.

The next anticipated angling platform for a burst in growth is PWC. With a lower entry-level price than a bass boat and with speed and agility to enter restricted backwater areas the PWC segment is set to explode. Articles published about the topic have increased in frequency since 2019 and the segment was identified by The Watercraft Journal, as “The fastest growing segment…”. As an offshore platform, PWC watercraft have been utilized globally for some time, and now manufacturers are looking at freshwater anglers as well, specifically Sea Doo with their 3-tier Fish Pro series. At this time Bass Junkyz is the only tournament circuit taking this to more than just an annual event. The PWC events will start their season on the Colorado River at Martinez Lake on January 20, 2024, and then two events in April; Bluewater Casino and Lake Havasu. The next stop will be in Texas for two events targeted for May and June.

Both the Kayak and PWC platforms are Catch, Photo, and Release Tournaments. CPR events are common due to the lack of live wells on kayaks, have an excellent tournament software interface, and the method lessens the stress on the fish.

Bass Junkyz was conceived and formed by a group of anglers based in Phoenix, Arizona. The tournament events are designed by multi-circuit experienced tournament anglers bringing the best experience to the tournament angler. The element that is missing with most organizations, Bass Junkyz plugged in seamlessly; hospitality. Events are extremely well organized and are run with the highest level of integrity. All Bass Junkyz tournaments are hosted on Arizona lakes and rivers saving you thousands of dollars in travel expenses. Bass Junkyz utilizes the most current and accurate hardware and reporting software weigh-in system to quickly lock in the weight of the fish. The equipment shortens the entire weigh-in process, reducing stress on the fish, and significantly increasing the survival rate of the bass. Tournament results reporting system ensures that your tournament checks are handed out in a timely manner. Bass Junkyz continues to seek and partner with local, national, and ethical organizations to enhance the angler tournament experience.


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