BAM Podcast Shasta Wrap-up with Greg Gutierrez on His BAM Lake Shasta Pro-Am Victory | Bass Angler Magazine

BAM Podcast Shasta Wrap-up with Greg Gutierrez on His BAM Lake Shasta Pro-Am Victory | Bass Angler Magazine

Welcome to the latest installment of our podcast series, where we dive deep into the heart of fishing competitions with the stars who make them memorable. In this episode, “Shasta Wrap-up with the Champ,” we had the pleasure of speaking with Greg “Double G” Gutierrez, the recent victor of the BAM Lake Shasta Pro-Am. Recorded on March 13th, 2024, and spanning an engaging 1 hour, 24 minutes, and 30 seconds, episode 59 is packed with the kind of insider knowledge that fishing aficionados and aspiring anglers alike will not want to miss.

The Journey to Victory at Lake Shasta

The episode kicks off with a focus on the first BAM Trail event of the season at Lake Shasta, where Greg Gutierrez, affectionately known as Double G, clinched the championship trophy. Gutierrez shares his journey through the event, emphasizing the adaptability and strategic thinking that led to his success.

Winning Tactics and Bait Choices

One of the highlights of our discussion with Double G is his breakdown of the winning tactics that set him apart from the competition. Gutierrez delves into his approach to the many changes that occurred over the three-day event, detailing how he navigated the challenges and opportunities these changes presented. From weather fluctuations to shifts in fish behavior, Gutierrez’s ability to adjust on the fly was paramount to his victory.

Equally fascinating is Gutierrez’s insight into his bait selections. Listeners will get a rare glimpse into the thought process behind each choice, understanding why certain baits were favored over others in the dynamic environment of Lake Shasta.

Navigating Lake Shasta’s Vast Waters

Another aspect of Gutierrez’s win was his strategy for covering Lake Shasta’s extensive waters. He shares how much ground he had to cover and the key locations that played a critical role in his championship win. For those familiar with Lake Shasta’s massive expanse, Gutierrez’s strategic insights provide a valuable lesson in maximizing one’s time and resources during a competition.

Episode Contributors

Joining Greg Gutierrez in this enlightening discussion is James “Big Ed” Everhart, contributing his own perspectives and questions to enrich the conversation. Together, they provide listeners with a comprehensive look at what it takes to come out on top in a high-stakes fishing tournament.

For Aspiring Anglers and Fans Alike

Whether you’re an aspiring tournament angler or a fan of competitive fishing, “Shasta Wrap-up with the Champ” offers a wealth of knowledge. Greg Gutierrez’s firsthand account of his victory at the BAM Lake Shasta Pro-Am is not just a story of triumph; it’s a roadmap to understanding the complexities of competitive fishing.

We invite you to tune in to Episode 59 for an in-depth look at what it takes to win at one of the most challenging fishing venues in the country. Greg “Double G” Gutierrez’s insights, strategies, and experiences are sure to inspire and educate anyone interested in the sport of fishing.

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