Bago Big Bet Inks Swanky Saturday Night ‘White Party’ At The Howard

Bago Big Bet Inks Swanky Saturday Night ‘White Party’ At The Howard

As any longtime poker-run participant can attest, the events have come a long way from their box-lunch days of the 1990s. Case in point? The Bago Big Bet happening set for June 20-23 in Oshkosh, Wis. The Mercury Racing-presented event’s post-run Saturday night banquet celebration will be a “White Party,” meaning—quite simply—white clothing will be the preferred attire of event participants for the evening.

Presented by Mercury Racing, the inaugural Bago Big Bet will finish with a White Party dinner celebration at a historic venue in Oshkosh, Wis. Photo courtesy/copyright Mercury Racing.

Brand-specific events such as MTI fun runs for owners have included White Parties for a few years. But they are far from common in the poker-run realm.

What’s more, the Bago Big Bet’s Saturday party will be held in The Howard, a posh Oshkosh estate built in 1927 that once served as the home of the local Elks Club chapter.

“The Howard has been completely renovated and is an absolutely beautiful and historic banquet hall now,” explained Shannon Higgins, the organizer of the event. “The basement has vintage bowling lanes, the decor is absolutely phenomenal and it is owned by the Howard Johnson’s (restaurant) family.”

Why the unusual post-poker-run evening dress-code for the affair? Higgins offered three reasons.

“First, I thought it would be fun and something different as I have any local events around here do that,” she said. “Second, it gives everyone something to look forward to. And third, I think it will make for great photographs.”

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