Arkéa Ultim Challenge – Brest

Arkéa Ultim Challenge – Brest

The two skippers still racing on the ARKEA ULTIM CHALLENGE-Brest continue their northwards progress. Éric Péron (ULTIME ADAGIO, 5th), who crossed the equator last night, is finally done with the doldrums. Anthony Marchand (Actual Ultim 3, 4th) is racing in an ENE’ly trade wind. Both are expected in Brest at the beginning of next week.

Anthony Marchand is in good breeze. The skipper of Actual Ultim 3 is making better speeds now on the North Atlantic.

“For the moment Antho’ is benefiting from a small east-northeast trade wind and is heading due north,” confirmed Guillaume Rottee, the race director today. “But he must decide whether to pass the anticyclone from the South or the North depending on its speed in the coming days.”

This final routing choice should be made by Friday. The skipper of Actual Ultim 3 is expected to finish on Monday night or more likely Tuesday, according to race management.

Eric Péron – Ultim Adagio – Arkéa Ultim Challenge – Brest day 45 © Eric Péron – Ultim Adagio

And then about 24 hours later or maybe just a little more, Éric Péron could cross the finish line during Tuesday night.

But Péron has the entire North Atlantic to cross. Last night, he crossed the equator at 01:55hrs UTC Above all, the skipper of the ULTIM ADAGIO is also now in good winds.

“Éric picked up speed this morning,” says Rottee. “Quite quickly he went from 7 knots to 18 knots and is now on a long starboard tack. The conditions will be a little tougher when passing the Azores, which he should pass to the West and the North, on a route a little less direct than Actual.”

Anthony Marchand – Actual Ultim 3 – Arkéa Ultim Challenge – Brest ©Anne Beaugé

At midday this Wednesday, Anthony Marchand and Éric Péron have 2,400 miles and 3,200 miles to the line.

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