​​ACR Electronics Announces Upcoming Release of New Bivy MESH

​​ACR Electronics Announces Upcoming Release of New Bivy MESH


ACR Electronics, a pioneer in satellite messaging and the first to enable group messaging, announced its newest Bivy MESH, which takes reliability and functionality even further. Unlike the SOS features on a smartphone, the Bivy Stick offers increased durability and functionality, even in areas with limited or no satellite coverage and cellular connection, and is designed to allow dedicated satellite two-way communication.

The mesh networking technology integrated into the Bivy Stick is specifically designed to maintain uninterrupted communication, and the stick includes a customizable check-in button to send your location information, as well as a dedicated SOS button.

Relying on smartphone connectivity and SOS for emergencies in the outdoors can be unreliable due to inherent limitations in connectivity, reliability and communication, but the Bivy MESH provides enhanced safety and convenience for groups and individuals traveling in remote locations.

The upgraded version of Bivy Stick features improved satellite and GPS performance as well as enhanced battery life, so you can tackle the outdoors and your next adventure with confidence.

To learn more, visit bivystick.com.

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