35% saving on my favourite Karcher pressure washer for Black Friday week

35% saving on my favourite Karcher pressure washer for Black Friday week

I test a lot of boat maintenance and technical gear for my day job and this Black Friday week deal is a great option for those looking for an affordable but good quality pressure washer

As as self appointed obsessive pressure washer cleaning geek, I’ve had a good old rummage about for you finding some of the best Black Friday pressure washer deals available

Don’t be fobbed off with rubbish or not-really-a-deal-is-it deals. The internet is flooded with not really deals at this time of year. I spend an inordinate amount of time obsessing over what toot some companies are peddling, so when I spot a good deal, then I’m going to let you know about it!

The Karcher K4 in the UK and K5 in the US has some spicy deals going on already.

Is it the best pressure washer on the market? I say it might just be, if you’re after something portable that can scrub a boat and fit in your car boot/trunk easily.

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Karcher K5 Pressure Washer – now $195.49, was $299.00 , save 35%

I’ve tested more pressure washers than I can count over the years. The Karcher pressure washers are almost always exceptionally good. The discount on this K5 model is pretty good I’d say. I tested the Karcher K4 predecessor to this and it has been perfect for hull scrubbing.

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UK – Karcher K4 Pressure Washer – now £204.59, was £289.99, save 29%

Here in the UK we can still get some discounted K4 models of the Karcher pressure washer. They have moved on to the K5 model now, but this K4 is some seriously good bit of kit. At 29% off that’s a decent deal and you get the additional patio cleaning kit with it. So you can scrub a hull one day, your decking or patio the next. Don’t go arse over t*t on slimy decking this winter!

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The Karcher K4 and K5 power adjust pressure washers are just the job for that filthy job of cleaning off the boat hull. I found that the high pressure nozzle was powerful enough on my epoxy coated hull to remove barnacles. Though perhaps it’s a good idea to dial back the pressure a bit if your boat is wood or some other lighter material that needs gentler care.

The K4 and K5 offers the ability to choose the level of pressure you need for a certain task, making it a really versatile tool.

Sure there’s plenty of cheaper pressure washers on the market, but I’m a strong advocate of Buy once, Buy well.

The Karcher after sales care is decent too. I have used the Karcher K4 on my own boat for a while now and I love it.

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