Zicam signs with Sunseeker

Zicam is to work with Sunseeker for another year

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Surveillance and security company Zicam Integrated Security, has signed another one-year full maintenance package with Sunseeker International.

Zicam will also install a new CCTV system in late 2021 at Sunseeker’s facility in Portland.

“We have been working with Zicam across multiple sites in and around Poole since 2016,” explained Sunseeker security operations manager, Mike Mclaughlin.

“What makes Zicam different from other companies I have used in my many years in the business is communication, pride in work, and trust.”

He added: “Zicam has very much become part of the Sunseeker family and will continue to be so. It is a pleasure to work with the whole team, and the works they carry out and finished products are the best I have used.”

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