YANMAR reveals new energy transition

YANMAR reveals new energy transition

Formalizing the company’s ongoing strategy and planning towards decarbonization and the development of sustainable solutions, YANMAR Marine International (YMI) has revealed an Energy Transition Strategy Statement specific to the marine leisure sector at this year’s boot Düsseldorf.

Key areas of commitment include the development, evaluation and commercialization of systems using low-carbon fuels, electrification and hybridization, with a focus on energy efficiency and optimization.

YMI’s new strategy operates in coordination with the YANMAR GREEN CHALLENGE 2050, a company-wide goal to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions and harmful substances in all activities, manufacturing, and products by 2050.

Floris Lettinga, Sales and Marketing Director, YMI, said: “Care for the natural environment has been at the heart of all YANMAR operations since its founding – an ethos already evident in our range of fuel efficient, low emission marine engines. However, the marine specialists and engineers here at YMI are now reinforcing this long-held commitment to a sustainable future with a strategy to develop propulsion solutions with a minimum CO2 footprint to benefit our customers and partners in a sustainable way.

“We have short-term goals to deliver results for customers and also our long-term vision to develop solutions that will fundamentally change boating and the way boaters enjoy time on the water. Our aim is to develop technology solutions, like low carbon fuel adaptation, and use energy in a different way to have a new level of excitement, experience and comfort onboard.”

Source: https://boatingindustry.com/news/2023/01/19/yanmar-reveals-new-energy-transition/

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