Yamaha WaveRunner EXR Boat Test

Adding power and dropping weight proved simple. Swapping conventional hull construction for Yamaha’s high-tech Nano 2 system reduces the EXR’s weight to 540 pounds, a 60-pound drop from the otherwise comparable EX Deluxe. Added power comes from modifying the engine control unit (ECU), which ups the 1,049 cc three-cylinder TR-1 engine’s horsepower by roughly 10 percent. The now-110 hp engine also features an increased 8,000 rpm rev limit, a 700 rpm boost over the existing 7,300 rpm threshold. Other changes include a top-loading intake grate to better feed the pump and provide increased traction in turns, a 40 mm pump extension to boost acceleration response, and even a slight change to a throatier exhaust note.

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