Why a picture is important

Chris Jones is the founder of the Knot Agency

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Many hours are can be spent each month crafting written copy for clients, writing sentences and even whole paragraphs, only to then promptly delete them and start over.

We look up words to see if there is a more eloquent way of telling the story and quite often stare into space figuring out what to write in the first place. However, when it comes to images to accompany the text, the real challenge often begins.

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words and I strongly agree. In our fast-paced lives, a quick glance at an image often tells us a good chunk of what we need to know.

Here are my top tips for marketing images.

1)         Make sure images support the surrounding context. If someone doesn’t read the text will they understand the topic.

2)         Keep in mind the end goal of your marketing material. How will the image help you reach it?

3)         Ensure images used fit with your brand. Does the content reflect how you want to be seen?

4)         Think about who will view the image and at what time. Will it resonate with them and play positively with their emotions?

5)         If possible avoid stock images. Sometimes there is no other option, so if you have no choice, try to find those less used. 

6)         Make sure images are high quality and not pixelated.

7)         Edit your images to make sure they are well cropped and colour corrected.

8)         Build up a library of images. Use every opportunity to capture pictures related to your business.

Images have always been and will always be a key marketing tool. Make sure they are working in the right way for your business.

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