What is Major League Fishing?

What is Major League Fishing

Sports fishing can be a great way to chill – just you, your buddies, rods, and reels on a misty lake. But on the flip side, fishing can also make for some exciting competition! Angling masters from around the globe get together and utilize skills passed down for millennia – going head-to-head to find who’s best. Competitions and leagues like Major League Fishing have entirely changed the sports fishing landscape in the past decade, creating an exciting test of skill to watch.

Fishing As a Sport

There are many types of sports fishing, including fly fishing, angling, spearfishing, trapping, hand gathering, and more. Most of these techniques are ancient and passed down from generation to generation. The sport tends to focus on two broad categories of fishing: saltwater and freshwater fishing.

As long as your favorite fishing spot is legal, you’re free to get your fishing gear in the trunk and head to the lake all year round, which is why sports fishing is a pretty versatile hobby. However, for the best results, most pro fishers begin their sports seasons in early spring when the waters start getting warmer. This is because more fish start spawning, making returns way more fruitful.

One of the best things about this nifty sport is that with the right equipment, you can embark on a fishing adventure today. Even if you’ve never held a fishing rod before, there is nothing stopping you from getting to grips with it now. All you need is a tackle, hooks, lines, sinkers, nets, and whatever else you fancy depending on what your goals are.

Then, just find a location where fishing is legal, and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a master fisher today. You’ll find fewer sports as peaceful and rewarding!


While fishing is one of the most relaxing sports in the world, if you want it to be, there are also shedloads of excitement when you fish competitively. National organizations have got on board, with the most significant being Major League Fishing (MLF). The league, set up in 2010, is the biggest provider of competitive sports fishing globally.

Over the years, the demand from users for competitive fishing has been growing, with many sports betting sites offering competitive odds on Major League Fishing. As a dedicated follower of sports fishing, you can apply the same competitive ethos to other types of sports at https://www.bovada.lv/sports.

When it comes to major league fishing, you can watch the latest competitions on the Outdoor Channel, World Fishing Network, and Discovery Channel. The growing popularity of Major League Fishing shows this is a sport with an exciting future, as it has already made history in the bass fishing industry.

In MLF, the best fishermen compete on different boats to catch the largest weight of total fish possible in a specific time span. Each competitor gets live updates on their opponent’s progress. To remain sustainable and respect the environment, these fish are weighed and then thrown back immediately.

Every year, MLF hosts several tournaments, usually including the Challenge Cup and the Summit Cup. The Challenge Cup has been held since 2012, with the most successful competitor Edwin Evers, winning three Challenge Cups and Redcrest La Crosse. On the other hand, the Summit Cup has been held every year since 2013. The most successful competitors have been Kevin VanDam and Mike Iaconelli, who have both won two Summit Cups.

In recent years, MLF has added more competitions, such as the World Championship and Bass Tour Champions. However, MLF reorganizes its operations frequently to bring the freshest fishing content to fans. You can keep up to date on these competitions at top sportsbooks, with futures such as who will win the tournaments and which competitor will catch the largest fish.

Can I compete in a Major League Fishing event?

Yes! If you’re a tournament bass fishing newbie and want to start competing, check out the Phoenix Bass Fishing League to find a tournament near you. Don’t have a bass boat? No sweat – you can sign up as a Strike King co-angler.

However, if you’re ready for some next-level competition, take a look at the Toyota Series. It offers the lowest entry fees for the biggest payouts of any national tournament trail. Here, you can catch local fish with the added bonus of potentially winning insane awards and advancement to the nationally-televised Toyota Series Championship.

Finally, if you’re a still in high school or college, check out the Abu Garica College Fishing and High School Fishing schedules, where you’ll be able to compete against fellow young anglers.

Where are the best places to fish?

To date, the top five locations to get your practice in is:

  • Clear Lake, CA
  • Guntersville, AL
  • Bighorn River, MT
  • Lake Austin, TX
  • Thousand Islands, NY

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