West System epoxy resins

Laminates bonded with epoxy resin in the building of the gajeta Photo: Wessex Resins

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Craftsmen at Betina Shipyard in Croatia have completed the build of their experimental traditional sailing gajeta aided by WEST SYSTEM epoxy resins.

Epoxy resins do not require air for the curing process and will not crack, warp or take up moisture making them ideal for creating curved pieces from think laminates, with the epoxy bonding the wood firmly into its new shape. It also acts as a seal over porous wood and base coat for varnish.

The gajeta uses laminate from a single tree which guarantees the grain, colour and texture of the wood. The laminates are coated with WEST SYSTEM epoxy resin and then a thickened layer brushed on between each laminate. Once released from clamps, the curves will be part of the solid shape and ready for varnishing.

Ideal for all repairs

The resins are not only put to use during newbuilds. At this time of year it’s all about repair,” said David Johnson, sales director at Wessex Resins and Adhesives. “Obviously people want to be prepared for all eventualities at regattas and championships.”

The company produces a wide range of resins for repairing all types of boat. For glass fibre repair, there is the WEST SYSTEM GRP kit whilst the G/flex 650-K Epoxy Repair Kit is suitable for aluminium boats as it includes a lower viscosity version of the G/flex epoxy, which, together with WEST SYSTEM epoxy is ideal for wooden boat repairs. Finally, for plastics, there is the G/flex 655 thickened epoxy resin which comes in the G/flex 655-K Adhesive Epoxy Repair Kit.

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