Wallas marine cookers given a facelift

Wallas has updated its 87D stove to give it a fresher look

The Wallas 87D marine forced-air oven and stove received a face-lift at the end of 2020 designed to make it fresh and easier to clean.

The cooker uses diesel forced air technology developed to allow the convection oven and stove to cook food efficiently.

The oven combination is constructed of rigid stainless steel and the stove of durable anodised aluminium.

The control panels are preinstalled and designed to be easy to use. The oven has a separate light inside.

Wallas also updated its 89D oven-stove-heater combo during 2020 allowing it to be used for baking, grilling and heating.

“That is perfect choice if you want to have one unit which can do everything,” said a Wallas spokesperson.

“You can bake, grill, heat and everything can be controlled easy way. No need for multiple units in boat.”

Content extracted from https://www.boatingbusiness.com/news101/fitting-out/interior-fitting-out/wallas-marine-cookers-given-a-facelift