Vripack unveils nature-inspired yacht

The ‘Futura’ was inspired by nature Photo: Vripack

Vripack has unveiled a new 66m fossil-free electric/diesel hybrid yacht.

The design of Futura was inspired by wildlife’s ability to freely propel through air and water.

“That’s the beauty of naval architecture,” said co-creative director, Marnix Hoekstra. “First and foremost, you should mimic nature in the send that you use as little energy as possible when crossing through the waves. We were driven by that goal at the outset.”

A third of the height of a yacht of comparable size and made out of glass, Futura is exceptionally lightweight thanks to it rhombus-shaped framing which gives a cross-hatched diamond effect, much like fish scales. It features a 20-person dining table, DJ booth, helipad, swimming pool and whirlpool.


Capable of holding 100,000 litres of fuel, Futura is designed to run solely on ‘blue diesel’ if desired – a type of Finnish biofuel made from waste food. Its fully biodegradeable batteries are made from salt, sand, water and plants and charged by a kite on an electric winch.

“What Futura offers owners is choice,” said co-creative director, Bart Bouwhuis. “By approaching sustainability as a design challenge, we’re not waiting for owners to request this technology, we’re presenting them with a concept based on sustainable solutions that currently exist. The answers are out there, the supply is out there, owners just need to want it.”

Content extracted from https://www.boatingbusiness.com/news101/superyachts/vripack-unveils-nature-inspired-yacht