Voyager Series: Blue Water Desalination’s Latest Innovation For Your Yacht

Voyager Series: Blue Water Desalination’s Latest Innovation For Your Yacht

Blue Water Desalination Introduces Voyager Series Watermakers

Blue Water Desalination (BWD) is excited to announce the launch of the new Voyager Series watermakers, designed to meet the needs of modern cruising yachts without the use of a generator or shore power. Designed from a blank slate for ease of use and maintenance, these watermakers are available in 12V, 24V, and 48V DC, making them perfect for yachts that rely solely on DC power while away from the dock.

The Voyager Series features fully automatic operation and a fresh water flush system, which simplifies operation and maintenance for owner/operators and charter fleet managers alike. Available in 400 GPD and 600 GPD capacities, the Voyager Series boasts a smooth and nearly silent dual piston energy recovery pump, delivering 16 to 25 gallons of pure water per hour. High rejection membranes and a product water carbon filter ensure reliable and high-quality water production.

This is not the first, or only, DC-powered product that Blue Water Desalination has offered but is the first that has focused solely on catering to the needs of this segment of boat owners. The use of an Energy Recovery device results in a 40% to 50% reduction in amperage draw when compared to the company’s traditional DC watermakers.

“We are pleased to introduce the Voyager Series, which combines all of our latest and greatest technology and high volume water production into a user-friendly package for smaller cruising boats,” said Jim Santa, Managing Director of Blue Water Desalination. “This product line represents our commitment to continuous improvement and responding to the specific needs of our customers.”

As with all of the company’s watermaker products, the Voyager is available in both compact and modular options, providing plenty of versatility for custom configurations and installation spaces. This flexibility ensures that the Voyager Series can meet diverse installation requirements, making it a highly adaptable solution.

Over a Decade of Excellence in Marine Desalination

Over the past decade, BWD has revolutionized the marine industry with its advanced yacht-grade reverse osmosis watermakers. The company has expanded globally while continuing to innovate and push the boundaries of marine desalination technology.

Founded in 2013 by marine industry veterans led by Chris Rollins, BWD combines over 100 years of experience in marine desalination. Since their launch of three distinct lines of watermakers in 2014, they have introduced new products, enhanced equipment and increased capacities for a variety of applications in the recreational and commercial markets.

At the core of BWD’s business is a commitment to exceptional customer experiences, supported by an global dealer network. “After-sales service and support are essential for success and have driven our growth over the last ten years,” says co-founder and president Chris Rollins. This approach ensures that owners are never far from an authorized service center, and consumables and accessories are readily available worldwide. This extensive network highlights the company’s ability to provide immediate support and resources wherever they are needed.

Top yacht builders choose BWD’s desalination systems for new builds, while service yards and custom boat builders recommend them for refits and new constructions. BWD Managing Director Jim Santa attributes their growth to a passionate team and a robust global dealer network. “We look forward to the next decade of growth and customer satisfaction,” Jim says.

Blue Water Voyager Series Desalination Lineup

Looking ahead, BWD continues its pursuit of superior customer service and new commercial systems with capacities up to 5,500 gallons per day. Boaters and shipyard personnel alike can meet the BWD team and learn about their innovations at major shows and events worldwide. The company remains dedicated to advancing its technology and expanding its reach, ensuring that more customers benefit from their reliable and efficient watermakers.

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