Visitor pontoon remodelled

Bembridge Harbour Authority has carried out dredging at Bembridge Marina

Bembridge Harbour Authority (BHA) is remodelling its Duver visitors’ pontoon in the wake of Covid-19 restrictions.

Historically, boats have rafted out on what was basically one long pontoon.

In 2015 the installation of a limited number of premier finger berths attracted a different market and enabled advance online booking and dedicated electricity.

Now, BHA has invested in 36 additional finger pontoons – 72 berths – which arrived by barge from Portsmouth in July.

Installation of the first phase, along both sides of the main spine pontoon, has been completed, providing individual berths with direct access without anyone having to cross over other boats.


A second phase of fingers on the inside of the main pontoon is envisaged as drying berths, with installation anticipated in Autumn 2020.

The work will reduce overall visitor capacity by around 15%, but the harbour authority sees it as a necessary step to keep customers and staff as safe as possible and maintain confidence.

A dredging programme, using a BHA owned dredger for the first time, has also been completed, re-establishing water depths at Bembridge Marina and creating a wider access channel to Bembridge Boat Storage.

Earlier in the year, the harbour authority refurbished the visitor shower and toilet facilities at Duver.

A new facilities complex comprising toilet and shower cubicles, is due to be constructed when planning approval is granted.

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