TowBoatUS Vessels Go Pink to Promote Breast Cancer Awareness


For October five red TowBoatUS vessels across the U.S. are going pink to help promote breast cancer awareness. TowBoatUS, an on-water recreational boat towing service, looks to bring the issue of breast cancer awareness to the water and encourage boaters to donate to the Susan G. Komen organization, which supports research, community health, global outreach and public policy initiatives. 

“It is a rare moment to see a pink boat on the water, let alone one that you have called to assist you with a routine breakdown,” says BoatUS vice president of Towing Services, John Condon. “We want to use our boats to bring a message of education and awareness of this disease to those on the water to help save lives and find a cure. It has caused so much pain and anguish, not only within our fleet but for our members as well.”

The five companies running pink boats this month are TowBoatUS Long Beach, California; TowBoatUS Port Isabel, Texas; TowBoatUS Baltimore/Annapolis, Maryland; TowBoatUS Lake Wylie, South Carolina; and TowBoatUS Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Each TowBoatUS company will also support local outreach efforts including participating in parades and fundraisers, and sharing the message in their local communities.

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