Top Five Kayak Camping Locations In The United States

An overnight excursion in a kayak provides a wonderful opportunity to spend quality time in the great outdoors with one’s loved ones. There are a lot of great places to go kayaking in the United States, but very few of those places also offer camping. In this section, I will walk you through the best five places in the United States for kayak camping. When you feel the need to relax in an atmosphere that is calm and serene, one of these locations would be an excellent choice for a vacation.

Make it a point to investigate them for the most enjoyable experience possible.

Kayak Camping In The United States: The Best Five Spots

1.    Tomoka State Park, Florida

Due to its many activities, Tomoka State Park in Northeast Florida is a great place to go kayak camping. The park is well-known for its canoeing, kayaking, and boating opportunities, in addition to its fishing. More than 160 different species of birds have been identified there, making it a paradise for birdwatchers.

Near the Tomoka River, this park features both primitive campsites and those with full amenities for campers of all ages. There are one hundred camping spots available, and each one comes equipped with a barbecue, a picnic table, water, an electric connection, and access to restrooms with hot showers.

If you enjoy paddling in rivers and creeks, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to visit this location. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about hauling your kayak all the way; the park’s store rents out kayaks, so you can get on the water without any hassle. You can also opt for an affordable inflatable kayak if you prefer having your own kayak with you.

2.    Brunet Island State Park, Wisconsin

The Fisher and Chippewa rivers meet at Brunet Island State Park in Northwestern Wisconsin. The park features beautiful scenery and a variety of kayak camping activities. With the help of the park office, you can rent a kayak from a local vendor.

Brunet Island State Park is the ideal kayak camping destination if you’re looking for both fun and challenge. About four miles of water separate Cornell from Holcombe Dam, where Brunet Island is located. Paddling, hiking, and seeing wildlife are all part of the experience.

When you visit this location, you can choose between the north and south campgrounds. Most of the campsites in the north campground are on or near the Chippewa River’s shoreline or bay, making it ideal for kayak camping. People with disabilities will appreciate how easily they can get around in the South Campground. In addition, there is a shower building with flush toilets and electricity.

3.    Koreshan State Park, Florida

A picnic table, a fire ring, and access to running water are provided at each of the sixty campsites in the Koreshan State Park, which is located close to the Estero River. Hiking, fishing, observing local wildlife, and having picnics are just some of the other things that can be done at this location, ensuring that visitors are never left feeling bored.

Within the park district, there are also some historic buildings that you can visit to get a glimpse of the lifestyles of the Koreshans. Some examples of these buildings include the Planetary Court Building and the Founder’s house.

In terms of the experience that can be had while kayaking, there is a boat launch where paddlers can put their vessels into the water. You can easily rent a kayak from the ranger station if you find that you are unable to transport your own kayak. Due to the river’s lack of current, paddling in it is a relaxing experience. The canopy of the oak trees that line the shores is thick enough to provide shade.

The stunning scenery along the Estero River is the highlight of the experience of paddling down the river. It is not uncommon to spot turtles on the rocks, birds perched in the oak trees, and even an alligator every once in a great while. It is highly recommended that you put kayak camping at Koreshan State Park on your list of destinations to visit before you die.

4.    French Broad River, North Carolina

The 117-mile French Broad River Paddling Trail in North Carolina is suitable for paddlers of all skill levels and is located in the state’s Blue Ridge Mountains. It has a number of private campsites spread out over a distance of 8 to 10 miles. The Western NC Alliance offers low-cost reservations for these campgrounds.

Additionally, the trail has three unreserved camping spots for the public. Those with a flatwater kayak can enjoy a seven-mile journey through Biltmore Estate on the French Broad River.

Among the many things to do in the area are hiking, horseback riding, fishing, swimming, and picnicking. It’s a great place to go kayak camping for a few days and do a variety of things.

5.    Green River, Utah

Camping and kayaking along the Green River are very popular activities, and as a result, you will typically need to make reservations at least a few weeks in advance of your desired trip date. Because there are only 32 campsites at this location, which are dispersed along the shore, you won’t get the impression that it’s ever crowded.

This location is ideal for those who enjoy kayak camping but also value their personal space. If that describes you, then you won’t be disappointed. The majority of the time spent paddling will be spent kayaking on calm water, but there will be some opportunities to test your skills on class III rapids along the river.

Between the months of April and October, the Green River is at its most enjoyable for kayaking. July, on the other hand, is the best month to visit the location if you want to go whitewater kayaking because that is when the water levels are at their highest.

How To Choose The Best Kayak Camping Location

It’s possible that none of the places on our list are located in close proximity to where you live, and that’s okay. However, you don’t have to give up the fun of kayak camping if you don’t want to. When it comes to selecting the ideal location for kayak camping, the following advice will come in very handy and should not be overlooked:

  • To have the most amount of fun and excitement, you should pick a location that is both beautiful and exciting
  • It is important to ensure that you have sufficient time to reach your destination if you are planning a trip
  • Pick a place with a river that moves slowly or still water
  • Make sure the day of your trip has clear weather before you leave.
  • Choose a location that is close to where you live and easy to get to so that you can maximize the amount of time you spend kayaking and minimize the amount of time you spend driving.
  • When in doubt, select a kayak route that is frequently used because it is simple to acquire information regarding these routes.
  • During the planning process, it is important to keep in mind the costs associated with renting kayaks and paying park entrance fees.


Now that you’ve learned about the best kayak camping spots in the United States, you can add them to your bucket list. Everyone who’s been to one of these places can attest that it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience like no other. Take a kayak camping trip with them and have the time of your life.