Three-stage water system removes bacteria

GE’s Nature Pure water filter Photo: ASAP Supplies

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General Ecology (GE) water filters are a range of environmentally friendly systems which not only filter debris and unwanted tastes from water, but also remove bacteria and chemicals.

The most popular GE product is the 508103 RS-1SG Element, followed by the 508151 Nature Pure Ultra Fine Element and the 508153 the QC2 Water Purifier Canister Element.

“As well as being environmentally friendly, these GE systems filter out bacteria, not just tastes and odours,” said Rhiannon Read, marketing & customer support at ASAP Supplies.

“The Nature Pure Purifier is ideal for smaller boats in fresh water applications, motorhomes and ice-makers,” she continued. “The Seagull Purifier is an award winning under-sink purifier and can filter 3.8 litres of drinking water per minute. Finally, the Dockside Pre-Filter system filters fresh water from the dockside or marina while you cruise. It is designed to remove abrasive sand, dirt and rust from your drinking water and can filter 20.8 litres of drinking water per minute.”

Three-stage filtration

GE’s Structured Matrix cartridge technology has a three-stage filtration process which removes contaminants such as bacteria and parasites, absorbs chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides and solvents and finally uses electro-statically charged surfaces that act like a magnet to remove minute particles suspended in the water.

Simple to install in newbuilds or retrofitted to existing systems, some kits come with their own tap, allowing boat owners to easily distinguish between drinking water and water for general use.

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