Tech merger to support grassroots sailing

Newly formed RestartSailing Tech Group (SSA) aims to support grassroots sailing through the use of IT Photo:

Software Sailing Alliance (SSA) and RestartSailing are merging to form the RestartSailing Tech Group (SSA) with the aim of supporting grassroots sailing and increasing participation.

Software Sailing Alliance (SSA) was developed in 2012 to bring together providers of computer software and services with organisations keen to explore the use of IT in sailing. Not-for-profit organisation, RestartSailing, which is affiliated with the Royal Yachting Association, was founded at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic to help ensure sailing is well placed to weather the challenges of the pandemic.

“The Covid pandemic has highlighted the importance of technology supporting sailing clubs and events, and accelerated its adoption, so joining with RestartSailing was a natural progression, particularly as we share similar aims of helping grow grassroots sailing participation,” commented SSA chair, Jeremy Pocock.

Services, education and influence

The objectives are to provide software and services to the sailing community; offer integrated solutions for clubs and sailors; educate sailing club officers and event organisers in IT skills and awareness training and influence sailing’s regulatory and governing bodies so that their decisions can be translated unambiguously into software solutions.

The RestartSailing Tech Group (SSA) will be offering a range of presentations at the virtual RYA Dinghy Show on 27 and 28 February with a view to helping clubs implement different technologies. The group has already delivered a number of webinars showcasing how different clubs are benefiting from technology and there have been some significant developments amongst the providers.

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