Tackle Warehouse DIY: How To Store Hardbaits

Storage and organization are crucial elements of bass fishing, especially when it comes to hardbaits. Keeping your baits properly stored will save you time on the water and extend the life of your baits by keeping them in good condition. This Tackle Warehouse article will showcase different storage options and how to store a general selection of hardbaits for beginner anglers.

Storage Box Sizes

Small vs Medium vs Large, 3500 vs 3600 vs 3700

Tackle Warehouse DIY: How to store Hardbaits

Tackle Warehouse DIY: How to store Hardbaits When starting out it is a good idea to give your tackle selection room to grow. Look for large size tackle storage boxes, something that is comparable to a Plano 3700, this will give you enough space to hold all your hardbaits and keep them organized. Once your tackle box starts to become crowded with one category of bait over time then you will want to consider a storage box specifically dedicated to that style of bait.

If storage space doesn’t allow for large size tackle boxes, or you’re limited to a small backpack or tackle bag for transportation, try applying the same “room to grow” philosophy, but with small to medium size boxes.

Plano EDGE Professional 3600 STD Box

Plano EDGE Professional 3700 STD Box

Lure Lock Tackle Box LL1-4101 Large 4 Cavity

Flambeau Zerust Max Series Tuff Tainer 4007ZM

SPRO Box Waterproof Tackle Tray 3500

Flambeau Zerust Max Waterproof Tuff Tainer WP3012ZM

Plano Pro Latch Utility Box 3600

Plano Pro Latch Utility Box 3700

Plano Rustrictor Box 3600

Plano Rustrictor Box 3700

Buzbe Colony 28 Modular Tackle Box

***If you’re not sure about brand specific sizing nomenclature check the dimensions in the bottom of the description

Customizable Divider System vs. Technique Specific

TW DIW How to store hardbaits

TW DIW How to store hardbaitsFor a beginner angler with an assortment of different hardbaits, it is best to select a tackle box that has a customizable divider system that allows you to rearrange the dividers as needed. Technique specific boxes will restrict how much you can organize a wide selection of different bait styles.

Tips & Tricks

Securing Treble Hooks

Tangled treble hooks are one of the most frustrating situations anglers face when storing hardbaits, but it can be easily avoided with the help of a few accessories.Owner Treble Hook Safety Caps not only prevent your hooks from tangling when there is multiple baits in one storage compartment, but they also protect against hook rash and scratching to keep your baits in pristine condition.

Another cost-effective solution for anglers is to use small rubber bands to band treble hooks together on each bait. This prevents them from being able to swing freely during storage and drastically reduces hook tangles.

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