Tackle Warehouse DIY: How-to Dye Braided Line

If you fish braided line long enough, at some point it will start to fade. But just because it has lost a bit of its factory color doesn’t mean that it’s gone bad or needs replacing. With a quick dye, you can restore its original performance and many anglers will enjoy multiple seasons out of a spool of braided line before ever having to replace it completely. In this Tackle Warehouse DIY, we will also discuss how anglers can also experiment with different colors of dye and braided line combinations to match the environment they are fishing or create strike indicators for a variety of techniques.


Reversing Braid

If you have an empty reel that is suited for the braided line you’re currently using, you can spool the empty reel with the braided line from the reel that is in use. Typically, only the top 25% of the line on the spool is faded with the bottom 75% still new and fresh. When you transfer the line from one reel to another you will have brand new line on the top of the spool again.

Tackle Warehouse DIY: How-to dye braided line

Tackle Warehouse DIY: How-to dye braided line

Matching the Environment

In some fisheries the vegetation is a brighter green than what most braid colors are offered in. To closer match the vegetation some anglers spool up with hi-vis yellow braid and use green dye markers to create a more natural color line that blends into the surroundings. Try experimenting with different combinations to closer match your fishery.

Tackle Warehouse DIY: How-to dye braided line

Tackle Warehouse DIY: How-to dye braided line

Expand Buying Options

If your favorite braided line in moss green is out of stock don’t let that deter you from buying that particular style of line. Purchase hi-vis yellow, white, chartreuse, or whatever color is in stock and dye the last section of the line black or moss green to utilize the same performance.

Suggested Braided Lines:

Power Pro Spectra Braided Line Yellow

Berkley Jordan Lee X5 Braided Line Flame Green

Spiderwire DuraBraid Braided Line Hi-Vis Yellow

Berkley X9 Braided Line Crystal

Sunline SX1 Braided Line Hi-Vis Yellow Line

Yo-Zuri Superbraid Hi-Vis Yellow Line

Yo-Zuri Superbraid White Line

Sufix 832 Braided Line Hi-Vis Yellow Line

Sufix 832 Braided Line Ghost

Strike King Tour Grade Braid Yellow Braided Line

Strike King Contra Braided Line Hi-Vis Yellow

Berkley X5 Braided Line Crystal

Seaguar Smackdown Braided Line Flash Green

Depth Indicator

Avid shallow water anglers who like to flip and punch often fill their reels with hi-vis braided line then dye the first six feet of line black or dark green. This allows the angler to always know the depth they are fishing and where their bait is in the water column, which is crucial information when flipping into shallow cover or punching through matted vegetation.

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Tackle Warehouse DIY

Tackle Warehouse DIY

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