Suzuki Marine Initiates Sustainable, Ethanol-Free Marine Fuels Plan in Florida

Suzuki Marine Initiates Sustainable, Ethanol-Free Marine Fuels Plan in Florida
Attendees at the Suzuki sustainable fuels event
Dignitaries in attendance at the Suzuki sustainable fuels event (left to right): Jess Hewitt, Hyperfuels; Jeff Wasil, NMMA; Gus Blakely, Suzuki Marine USA; Jason Stimmel, Suzuki Marine USA; Daiki Sugiura, Suzuki Marine USA; Dr. Daniel Pourreau, LyondellBasell Industries; Josh Street, City Commissioner St. Andrews; Jonathan Hayes, City Manager, City of Panama City; Patrick Rowe, SC Rowe; Brian Hamilton, Manager of St. Andrews Marina.
Courtesy Suzuki Marine

Suzuki Marine USA has joined forces with the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA), local dignitaries, and St. Andrews Marina in Panama City, Florida to expand access to sustainable marine fuel for recreational boaters in the Florida panhandle.

During a special event at St. Andrews Marina, it was announced that Hyperfuels Purfuels, a new non-ethanol, 93-octane sustainable marine fuel, is now available at the marina fuel docks for all recreational boaters with gasoline powered boats.   

Hyperfuels Purfuels is an ethanol-free, high-performance 93-octane gasoline has the potential to reduce recreational boating carbon emissions by 30-percent more than E10 gasoline at the same renewable content. The fuel is made with biobutanol: A 12.5 volume percentage of biobutanol is a marine industry approved sustainable fuel.

At the time of publication, Hyerfuels Purfuels 93 octane marine fuel was selling at $5.04 per gallon. Other nearby marinas we called were selling 93 octane non-ethanol gasoline for between $4.93 and $5.23 per gallon. According to an NMMA representative, sustainable fuel is about .20 cents more per gallon than 89 octane marine gasoline sold on the water. 

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Hyperfuels Purfuels bio-butanol fuel pump
Jeff Wasil, NMMA (left), and Gus Blakely, Suzuki Marine USA (right), on the docks at St. Andrews Marina in Panama City, Florida, where sustainable Hyperfuels Purfuels biobutanol fuel is now available for sale. The fuel is 93 octane and ethanol free.
Courtesy Suzuki Marine

Benefits of Purfuels Ethanol-Free Gas 93 Octane:

  • Improves engine performance
  • Reduces wear and tear
  • Extends engine life
  • Protects against detonation
  • Biodegradable and environmentally friendly
  • Safe to use in all types of engines

Especially important to Suzuki Marine and recreational boaters everywhere, it achieves these advantages without compromising range or performance. Suzuki Marine’s extensive use of sustainable fuel blends at its Panama City-based U.S. Technical Center, and by Suzuki Motor Corporation in Japan, has proven that blended sustainable fuels deliver the performance, fuel efficiency, reduced emissions, and long-term engine reliability that boaters demand.

Suzuki Marine’s Technical Center will also use the fuel in day-to-day operations to honor its commitment to the NMMA’s Propelling Our Future initiative.

Suzuki has been a long-time proponent of sustainable marine fuels to significantly reduce emissions created through recreational boating.  Sustainable marine fuels, made from various feedstocks such as waste cooking oils, animal fats, plant-based materials and other green refining methods can be used in America’s 12-million registered power boats without the need for any changes or modifications to the fuel system or engine. It is literally a “drop-in” solution that will work in all types of gasoline-powered boats. Considering the vast number of recreational boats in the U.S. and the fact that they have an average lifespan of 30 to 50 years, the cumulative environmental impact ‑ both immediate and long-term — is impressive.  

Suzuki Marine’s experience with sustainable fuel includes the 2023 Run to the Capitol, a roughly 900-mile journey from Florida to Washington, DC aboard a 26-foot center console powered by twin 140hp Suzuki outboards. This journey included educational stops at key dealerships along the route and participation by key boating and fishing journalists. After arriving in the nation’s capital, the boat was used to help NMMA demonstrate sustainable fuels to our nation’s policy makers during the 2023 American Boating Congress.

Delivering Hyperfuels Purfuels
Sustainable Hyperfuels Purfuels 93 Octane fuel being delivered by an SC Rowe fuels distribution truck to St. Andrews Marina, Panama City, Florida.
Courtesy Suzuki Marine

“Sustainable fuels have incredible potential to reduce emissions and lower the environmental impact of recreational boating across the nation,” said Brandon Cerka, Suzuki Marine General Manager Sales & Marketing. “The key lies in making these fuels more accessible to the boating public at local marinas and fuel docks. For many months, we’ve been working with local fuel distributors SC Rowe, Hyperfuels, and St. Andrews Marina to make this possible. This is a great day for boaters in the Florida panhandle.  We’re hopeful this will help create a groundswell of interest across Florida and eventually nationwide,” added Cerka.

With its U.S. Technical Center established in the region, Panama City was an ideal location for Suzuki Marine to start this groundswell. Suzuki Marine worked with its partners to develop a plan to bring sustainable marine fuel to Florida boaters. Following extensive testing of the fuel at Suzuki Marine’s technical center, the push would expand to city-owned marinas, then private marinas in northwest Florida and eventually to the entire state. “This process is now underway, and we are fully committed to seeing it through,” added Cerka.

This effort exemplifies the best principles of “Kizuna” — a Japanese term for good relationships, friendship, and close ties. Suzuki’s Technical Center worked diligently to lay the fundamental groundwork for all parties involved, creating a win-win-win situation that is good for the environment, good for the industry and good for boaters.  

It will be easy for marinas to provide this new fuel to their customers. It will blend with existing fuels, so there is no need to drain the tank dry before filling. In addition, no special fuel dispensers or pumps are required.

The NMMA has worked alongside industry partners such as Suzuki Marine for 20 years to decarbonize the American boating industry, resulting in greatly increased fuel efficiency and reduced emissions. In 2023 it launched the Propelling Our Future initiative, aiming to raise awareness of a variety of solutions needed to fuel the future of marine recreation among boaters and policymakers.

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