Sunseeker volunteers produce PPE

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Sunseeker volunteers have produced and donated face masks, gowns and visors to Valorum Care and Agincare care home and domiciliary staff.

The delivery follows on from the boatbuilder’s donation of PPE to the NHS in March.

The team of volunteers, headed by upholstery cell manager Brett Williams normally work at the boatbuilder’s soft furnishings department, have produced an initial batch of 75 face masks, 80 visors and 550 gowns.

The volunteers are continuing to produce the PPE items until demand is met.

“PPE shortages sadly remain an issue for our hard-working care workers nationwide,” said Gary Clark, production manager at Sunseeker’s Technology Centre.

“The Sunseeker team was adamant that they could help some of our local providers and have taken it upon themselves to design, test and manufacture substantial quantities which will now be used in our local care communities.


“I’d like to thank everyone involved for their dedication and hard work; they are a credit to our business and reflective of the passion we see every day from our incredible workforce.”

Raina Summerson, chief executive at Agincare, responded: “With current monthly use in the region of one million gloves, one million aprons and over 200,000 face masks, all donations are gratefully received.”

She added: “They not only really help our local supply but most importantly represent support from our local business community, which means a great deal to us and our teams out there delivering essential care services throughout the pandemic.”

Agincare is one of the largest independent care providers in the UK, employing more than 3,500 staff across 50 locations.

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