Heesen Yachts has learned that one of its Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBO’s) has now been listed on the sanctions list of the United Kingdom following a recent update on 13 April 2022. He is not on the EU sanctions list – applicable to Heesen.

Heesen is a Dutch company qualified as a (so-called) structure-company, which means that we are managed by a professional Management Board, with an independent Supervisory Board which appoints the Management Board members. Heesen only reports directly to its sole shareholder, Morcell Ltd. Heesen’s UBO’s do not actively or directly involve themselves in the way the company is run. Heesen is financially independent and in good shape, with a strong order book, and currently employs around 1,000 individuals in the Netherlands.

Earlier in March this year, immediately following the developments of the war against Ukraine, one of Heesen’s current UBO’s publicly called for an end to the war, and two of Heesen Yachts’ supervisory board members, Pavel Novoselov and Pavel Sukhoruchkin stepped down from their positions to further emphasize the shipyard’s independence and Dutch nature.

Heesen’s management and employees are saddened by the ongoing situation in Ukraine and our thoughts are with its citizens and all those affected. We condemn violence in every form and hope for a fast end to the war.

Heesen has always worked closely with the authorities adhering to all relevant laws and regulations, and we are cooperating in full transparency with government agencies.
Our international clientele consists of customers of American, European, Middle Eastern and Asian origin. Our craftsmen are constantly working to deliver the high-quality technological yachts for which our country is renowned and will continue to do so.

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