Statement Marine Introduces Next-Level 43-Foot Quad-Engine Center Console Catamaran

Statement Marine Introduces Next-Level 43-Foot Quad-Engine Center Console Catamaran


In the News: Statement Marine Introduces Next-Level 43-Foot Quad-Engine Center Console Catamaran


For the past 15 years, Statement Marine in Clearwater, Fla., has continued to push the envelope in the performance boat industry. Now, in typical Statement flare and fashion, the company that has been building offshore V-bottoms, catamarans and center consoles since 2007—well, the center consoles came a few years later—is announcing another groundbreaking new model.

The team at Statement Marine is expecting its quad-engine 430 Tigress to be the next-generation performance boat.

According to Nick Buis, one of the founders of Statement Marine, the company is now taking orders for its new 430 Tigress, a quad-engine, 43-foot-long, 12-foot-wide center console catamaran that he believes is going to be a real eye-opener amongst the performance boat community.

“We’re always continuing to evolve and push the envelope with our boats, and the new 430 Tigress is the latest example of Statement doing something the industry has not seen before,” Buis said. “We can’t wait for everyone in the poker run community to get a glimpse of the first one. I have a feeling there will be some followers once people see this boat in action. There’s nothing like it in my opinion.”

Buis said the first boat from the molds, which is powered by four Mercury Racing 450R engines, has already been water-tested. He also said hulls No. 1 and No. 2 are sold and that the first 430 Tigress is going to be completed by the end of this year.

Statement is partnering with Buis’ longtime friend and talented boat builder, Tampa Bay local Trevor Hanson, who will be manufacturing the boats designed by their mutual friend—the late founder of Extreme Boats, Mark Spates. Buis said they’re also working closely with brothers John and Andrew Ingle, who have countless years of experience with world championship race setups, to ensure the project is up to Statement standards.

“Everyone who knew Mark, knows what an incredible designer he was—he was an integral part of our team early on starting with the 42 Ultimate V-bottom and our 50 Passion catamaran,” Buis said. “Mark had been working with Trevor to produce this boat before he passed away (in August 2019). Almost a year ago, I connected with Trevor regarding the boat because I knew they were working on it, and we put together a deal to produce it as a Statement Marine model.

“Trevor loves to build boats and we have the ability to finish them out and market them to the performance boat community,” he added. “First and foremost, the boat performs great, which is the most important thing in our market. The stepped hull leans in when it turns, not out like some of the other center console catamarans that have had success in the fishing boat market. The overall ride is phenomenal and the top speed—we already tested it at 80-plus mph with quad 450Rs—is pretty impressive.”

Buis said interested customers can contact Statement at 727-525-5235 for more information. Based on the company’s track record, it’s safe to assume the new 430 Tigress is going to be over the top and likely a next-generation model for the ever-evolving performance boat industry.

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