Smartgyro partners with Simrad

Data from Smartgyro’s products can now be accessed on Simrad MFDs

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Gyro stabilisation company Smartgyro has partnered with marine electronics company Simrad to enable the integration of all data from its stabilisers with the latest Simrad multifunction displays (MFD).

The new interface on the displays allows the user to control and manage all the information and alarms on-board with a single display, projected on one or multiple MFDs.

The Smartgyro application is available on Simrad NSSevo3S, NSSevo3, NSSevo2, NSOevo3S, NSOevo2, and GO series displays.

The Smartgyro user manual can also be accessed through the NSSevo3S and NSSevo3.

Data is communicated via an interconnecting cable between the stabiliser and the MFD.

“With this development, the Smartgyro stabiliser becomes part of the on-board ecosystem of all boats that use Simrad MFDs,” said Smartgyro sales manager Carlo Gazerro.

The first two products from Smartgyro are the SG40, for boats from 50ft to 60ft, and the SG80, for boats from 60ft to 70ft.

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