The Vimar Cloud provides access to the system when users are away from their boat

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Onboard connectivity continues to advance rapidly, as demonstrated by the new View IoT Smart System from Vimar.

It enables the integrated and coordinated management of all a boat’s electronic systems through innovative and user-friendly technologies and is attractively packaged.

The intuitive user interface can be accessed from any connected device via the new View app that, thanks to connectivity and the cloud, allows users to manage everything from anywhere.

Highly secure

The View IoT Smart System uses the most advanced cybersecurity standards to guarantee that only authorised users can access the system and the innovative IP multi-gateway architecture ensures that the whole system will operate seamlessly even without an Internet connection.

The Vimar Cloud also provides access to the integrated system when away from the boat in a safe and secure manner.

While the user can supervise the system remotely the communication is two-way with the system able to send notifications based on pre-set parameters.

Supplied in the UK by IMP, the system has also won awards for its design, so as well as providing a central hub for the monitoring and management of all a boat’s electronic systems its fixed display panels available for mounting on board look good as well as providing an effective user interface.

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