Seven Essential Things You Should Bring On Every Hike

Whether you are new to hiking or you have been hiking for many years, you might be wondering what should be on the perfect hiking packing list. There are so many great products available now for people who love hiking that the list is always changing.

Essentials For Hiking Survival

1. First Aid Kit

The first thing you should pack is a first aid kit. Make sure it includes all the essentials to treat minor ailments such as bruises, scratches and cuts, headaches, dehydration, stomach bugs, and insect stings. Depending on where you plan to be hiking, it may be useful to carry bug repellent spray and sunscreen. Re-hydration tablets are essential because if you eat or drink something that is contaminated or makes you sick, you will need to stay hydrated so you can continue to hike.

2. Camping Knife

Another critical tool to have is robust camping or EDC knife. It can help you create tools to catch food, and cut down vegetation for sustenance and for protection against the elements. Make sure you choose a knife that folds up for ease of carrying and take care to be sure the blade is made of high-quality steel.

3. Fire Starter Kit

While it is possible to create a fire from scratch, without any tools or matches, it is very hard and both time and energy-consuming. If you can squeeze some small kits into your survival gear, you will thank yourself. The nights can get very cold when camping outdoors so fire-starting kits can be very valuable.

4. Survival Sleeping Bag

A survival sleeping bag is one that packs up much smaller than a standard sleeping bag but is made of materials that provide additional protection from the elements, and insulation against very low temperatures.

5. Water Filter

Often, finding water is not the challenge when out hiking in nature. Water can be found underground and in the leaves of plants as well as in rainwater, snow and ponds. The most important thing is to make it as clean as possible before drinking it. You can boil the water over a fire—this is always advisable—but you can go one step further and use a travel filtration system or tablets to clean the water.

6. An Everyday Carry Bolt Action Pen

Your essential hiking gear kit is not complete without an everyday carry bolt action pen. You never know if you need to record or make a note of areas you’ve visited or things you’ve found that could help another hiker or make things easier for your next trip. A stainless steel bolt action pen is a great choice for hiking as it is weighty and incredibly robust. If you prefer a lighter-weight pen, choose one that is made from titanium or aluminum.

7. Signal Booster

Wherever you plan to go hiking, and however much you might want to be cut off from the world back home, it is always useful to have the option of being able to contact home if you need to. It is always helpful to have access to GPS directions, just in case things become challenging and you need to find your way to a location quickly. Unfortunately, a signal booster can be really helpful in ensuring you can get that connection when you need it and could mean the difference between life or death.

We hope you’ve found this list of essential survival items helpful. Once you have all the important tools in your pack, you’ll be free to enjoy your hiking trip with the knowledge you’ve gone prepared.

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