Second-Year Binks Fun Run For Addiction Awareness Hits Home—And a Home Run

Second-Year Binks Fun Run For Addiction Awareness Hits Home—And a Home Run

Kurt Binkley stood next to a reporter on the shores of a usually quiet Lake Norman cove last Saturday afternoon and marveled at the scene before him. The 20-ish-boat raft-up for the second-year Binks Fun Run for Addiction Awareness created a near-shore swimming area filled with children and a few adults escaping the North Carolina heat.

Local powerboaters came out strong in support of last weekend’s Binks Fun Run For Addiction Awareness. Action images courtesy/copyright Mike Goode.

His soft voice trembled as he spoke. “It’s freaking awesome,” he said. “It’s bringing me to tears. I never expected this kind of turnout. We are very blessed.”

Five years ago, Binkley’s 23-year-old son, Travis—known as “Binks” to his family and friends—died from a heroin overdose. Binkely struggled to process his grief, as any loving parent would. He still struggles with it.

On his way back home with his Nor-Tech 390 Sport center console, New Hampshire’s Garry Roberts joined Saturday fleet.

But thanks to the event dedicated to his son’s memory, he has channel his pain into something positive.

“This not ‘my’ run, this is not ‘Chad Shutter’s run,’” he said. “This is my boy’s run. But the entire Shutter family, my girlfriend, Misty, and a whole lot of others have been working together to make it happen.








Enjoy more images from the Binks Fun Run For Addiction Awareness.

“As I said, we are very blessed,” he added.

The event started with a Friday night welcome celebration at Midtown Sundries in Denver, N.C, By the time the last drink was poured, some $7,500 had been donated to the cause. The party. venue kicked in an additional $5,000 this morning.

Proceeds from the run, which attracted 40 to 50 boats, will go to Restoration Road Ministry, Inc., based in Statesville, N.C.  The organization was formed, according to its website, “to focus on addiction prevention and recovery, harm reduction, and families affected by such.”

Though the final numbers from the Saturday raffle and auction were not in as of Monday morning, Binkley is confident the event will exceed last year’s $15,000 fundraising total.

Including the Binks event, Chris Fisher and Christy Foote of Vermont, who stopped in North Carolina to retrieve their 37-foot DCB Performance Marine catamaran from BRP Marine Custom, enjoyed three days on Lake Norman.

Binkley, who owns a 33-foot Donzi, was introduced to the go-fast boating event scene by the Shutter family. The founder of Boat Repairs Plus in Denver, Bob Shutter is a high-performance marine industry legend. With the help and support from his wife, Bonnie, he has run the business for more that 20 years. His son, Chad, is blazing his own trail in the industry with his BRP Marine Custom interior and exterior renovation design and renovation business. A successful entrepreneur outside the marine industry, Chad’s brother, Corey is an avid powerboat enthusiast who currently owns a 37-foot Axopar V-bottom.

Said Kurt Binkley (far right), “We are so blessed.

The Shutters introduced Binkley, a Boat Repairs Plus customer, to the go-fast boating event world a few years ago by taking him to happenings such as the annual Toys Tour run in Palatka, Fla. That event and others inspired Binkley to create one of his own.

“One thing led to another and we got to talking about this,” Bob Shutter recalled. “Kurt had never done poker runs with his Donzi before we met him. After doing a couple of events with our family, he said, ‘I am going to try to do something good to honor my son.’”

Chad Shutter (right), as well as his parents Bob and Bonnie, was there to support his friend.

Now Binkley has two events in the books. And is already thinking about the 2025 happening.

“I never stop thinking about it,” he said. “I never stop thinking about Binks.”

He paused for a moment.

“Losing a child is nothing any parent should ever have to go through,” he added.

The Binks Fun Run For Addiction Awareness will be back next year.

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