SeaSure success in safety competition

SeaSure’s filtration and extraction hood Photo: SeaSure

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SeaSure has been chosen as a finalist in a competition to improve operational safety in the offshore wind sector with its air filtration and extraction hood which will allow crew on transfer vessels to be seated in closer proximity.

With social distancing reducing the number of technicians permitted to undertake inspections, maintenance and repairs, a cross-sector crew transfer vessel (CTV) innovation challenge was launched using the KTN innovation exchange (KTN-iX).

Cross-sector appeal

Graham Brown, managing director of SeaSure said that the company was an innovator, able to provide solutions for very current problems. “It is about how to deal with Covid-19 on wind farm crew transfer vessels, but is relevant in other sectors of our industry as well as wider post-pandemic mass transport,” he said.

The five finalists also include Flameskill, who offers a particle filtration head top, Entex with its portable disinfecting unit, Canary Sentinel for its early warning service for Covid-19 symptoms and Life’s Shield, which is validating a UV light unit that kills viruses and pathogens almost instantly.

John Ransford, knowledge transfer manager, energy, at KTN, said they were delighted with the responses. “It was a crucial problem to solve for this industry, but we can also see potential for cross-over into other transport modes. The transfer of skills and knowledge from other sectors is a key driver for the iX platform and allows the challenge holder to explore potential solutions they might not otherwise have considered or been able to access easily,” he said.

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