Sea change in flooring for yachts

This 2001 Princess 65 has been updated with a Berber-style carpet Photo: Below Decks

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Changing hull designs in yacht building have brought with them a sea change in the style and types of material used for interior flooring.

Gone are the wooden interiors with loose floor coverings, to be replaced by laminates and highly-textured Berber-style carpets, says Nigel Oates who, together with wife Jan, runs Dorset-based marine carpet and decking firm, Below Decks.

“By the time we entered the post-2010 era, hull design was moving rapidly to create more internal volume, and with that evolution came a more contemporary interior fit-out, with the extensive use of laminate cabinets and flooring,” said Nigel.

“The traditional twist or loop pile products that have been the mainstay of interior floors for years are now playing second fiddle to the newer, more highly textured Berber-style carpets. Additionally, luxury woven vinyl is becoming popular for internal use, though it has long been used externally on boats based in warmer climes than the UK, notably in the US,” he continued.

Wool carpets

Favoured carpets are now mainly 100% wool, sometimes incorporating a small amount of synthetic material such as nylon or polypropylene to increase durability, and with a synthetic backing.

“The more contemporary texture gives boat interiors a modern feel and, if used in a refit, can update the appearance of a boat without it being out of place,” said Nigel.

The woven vinyl solution for loose flooring provides a surface that is highly durable and can be scrubbed clean. The product is 3mm thick in total, with a 0.5mm top layer of interwoven PVC threads providing the aesthetic finish. The remainder of the material is a cushioned PVC backing.

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