Satcom Global enhances Aura VSAT coverage

Satcom Global’s Aura VSAT service now includes HTS Photo: Satcom Global

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Satcom Global’s Aura VSAT service now offers enhanced coverage through new high throughput satellites (HTS) and beam enhancements.

Satcom Global has strengthened the Aura VSAT network with the addition of two new HTSs – SES-14 HTS and SES-15 HTS – delivering a boost in coverage and service quality for Aura users operating around Latin America, the Caribbean, Mexico, Central America, North America and the North Atlantic, including Hawaii.

In addition to the latest HTS joining the Aura network, new spot beams have been illuminated on SES’s newest satellite, SES-12 HTS, to increase capacity for vessels sailing around the South China Sea, the Gulf of Thailand and waters around Papua New Guinea.

Planning for the future

Planning for the addition of HTS from its inception, Satcom Global completed a successful upgrade of Aura to iDirect’s Velocity platform last year, enabling the integration of these recent HTS coverage enhancements into the network.

The all-electric satellites were launched from the Guiana Space Center in Kourou, French Guiana. SES-14 HTS was manufactured by Airbus Defence and Space and is now positioned at 47.5 degrees West. SES-15 HTS, manufactured by Boeing Satellite Systems, comprises Ku-band wide beams and Ku-band High Throughput Satellite (HTS) capability, and took six months to reach its orbital position at 129 degrees West.

SES-12 HTS, launched from Cape Canaveral in Florida by Space X, was added to the Aura network in March 2019, located at 95 degrees East, and now offers new spot beams which became available to Aura users in early 2020.

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