Saildrive available for larger sailboats

The SD15 saildrive Photo: Yanmar

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In response to demand from boatbuilders, Yanmar has introduced the SD15 saildrive solution for larger sailboats with engines from 80 HP to 150 HP.

Enabling the 50-to-65-foot monohull and multihull sector to access the saildrive systems for the first time, the new SD15 is already successfully installed on a Sunreef 50 following field testing on a Kufner 54.

The SD15 saildrive, made by ZF, can be coupled to the Yanmar 4JH80, 4JH110 and 4LV150 common rail engines, offering a new option to an extended range of sailboats and catamarans using higher horsepower engines that have previously relied on conventional drive lines.


Benefits of the saildrive are said to include lower vibration and onboard noise, lower drag, improved propulsion efficiency and fuel consumption together with hydrodynamic efficiency and increased comfort while motoring not under sail.

Additional features include hydraulically actuated multi-disc clutches, an integrated output shaft brake and the ability to match with a Flexofold foldable propeller.

For smaller sailboats, the SD60 saildrive, with mechanical clutch, is currently available, custom engineered to match the 3JH40, 4JH45, 4JH57, and 4JH80 engines.

The SD15, in combination with the 4JH80 and 4JH110, will be available from Q1/Q2 next year, with the introduction of the 4LV150 option scheduled at a later stage.

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