Rising demand for modular components

Alrose Products has expanded its range of modular components

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Alrose Products is seeing increasing demand for its range of Marineline stainless steel gas springs.

The Marineline range has been expanded to include a number of modular components to allow the selection of standard sizes which can then be customised and adapted using a range of extenders, convertors, protection and locking sleeves plus end fittings and brackets.

“Our modular range not only provides the option for reduced inventory with OEM boatbuilders but allows for easy conversion and economical upgrade of old systems in the refit and custom build sectors,” explained Jim Boulton, business development, Alrose Products.

“The modular range allows for a quick selection of components from a range of 25 of the most common gas spring sizes in use today.”

And he explained that boatbuilders are able to optimise space creating solutions through the use of well-designed and balanced support components such as gas springs.

Alrose Products provides motion control solutions in the marine and industrial sectors.

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