ProMariner Releases New On-Board High Power Charging Solution


ProMariner’s new ProTournamentelite series offers a fast and intuitive experience for on-board marine chargers. New models include a Charge Status AC Glow Plug so you don’t have to board to see if your batteries are charging, while high power, waterproof 36 and 50 amp chargers offer Power Flow Cooling for a new design that strips heat away from the charger for faster charging times. In addition, Turbo Charge mode provides maximum amperage for the quickest charge times.

“The ProTournamentelite product line is the culmination of a true passion for innovative product design that continues to excite the sport fishing and boating community,” says Gerald (Jerry) Demirjian, senior vice president of ProMariner. “We strive to manufacture performance charging products capable of providing batteries the power they demand while providing boaters exceptional value and peace of mind.”

“We are so confident in the durability and performance of our newest design that we are proud to offer the industry’s first five-year warranty on a family of pre-wired, high-power waterproof marine chargers,” adds Craig Shaffer, new product development and quality leader at ProMariner. “Our commitment to technological advancement in the marine industry over the last 44 years has shaped the ease-of-use, performance and selection of fully automated battery charging products.”

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