Plastimo – supporting marine safety for more than 50 years

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Plastimo plays an import role in the design and manufacture of safety products and has more than 50 years’ experience perfecting this, explains Richard Pardoe of UK distributor Aquafax.

Products are vigorously tested and put to challenging situations supporting iconic events such as the Golden Globe race or the Classe Figaro Beneteau.

“Recently Plastimo has worked with the French National Lifeboat Society and developed the new Plastimo tether,” said Richard. “The company has a true commitment with a long history of quality design and innovation of the safety products they support the marine industry with.”

The tethers feature a retro-reflective thread allowing them to be seen at night or in poor conditions.

They also meet RORC-ORS latest specifications handling heavy loads in the event of a MOB incident and a strain indicator that will show when the tether needs to be replaced.

Highly critical

For March 2020 Plastimo is introducing the new EvoJ junior lifejacket, designed to be comfortable for a child to wear, easy to put on and with an outer cover design chosen by a highly critical group of kids.

“Plastimo continually strives to develop its safety products and look at ways of improving them, making them versatile so people want to use them,” explained Richard.

Plastimo has also introduced a new inflatable rescue belt, developed in cooperation with a water striders group, suitable for coastal water pursuits and water sports.

“Deep water and strong currents can quickly put someone in danger,” said Richard. “Plastimo’s designers wanted to create a product that suited this growing trend of water activities to keep people safe.”

The belt is contained in a small pouch clipped around a waist, ready to be activated manually. There are also handles for one or two people to hold on to, plus a strap to assist bringing the wearer to safety.

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