Periodic checks required

Safety equipment should be taken to a reputable agent for servicing

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Making sure that safety equipment is ready to use at any time is vitally important.

Taking safety equipment to a reputable agent for servicing over the winter while the boat is laid up is a good habit for boat owners to get into, says Dave Godfrey, service manager at Ocean Safety. “It’s important to get into a routine of checking safety equipment annually.

“Safety equipment that has a service date or needs components that have to be periodically replaced need to be taken to a reputable agent for servicing and getting your liferaft booked in at the beginning of the winter will beat the sudden rush in spring.”

Service station

Ocean Safety offers the opportunity to book appointments at its UK-based branches so boat owners can see their liferaft being inflated in the comfort of dry land at an Ocean Safety service station.

“During the non-sailing period there’s a great opportunity to fully familiarise yourself with how your safety equipment works,” added Dave.

“Not many sailors have experienced launching and inflating a liferaft in an emergency and it’s easy to overlook the state of equipment that is stored inside a canister or valise with the liferaft.”

Ocean Safety can also store liferafts over the lay-up period.

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