Our pole star for a brighter future

British Marine is hoping to kick start a conversation

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Lesley Robinson, British Marine CEO: “I was delighted to see many familiar faces, as well as new ones, at British Marine’s Spring Expo 2020.

In total, 450+ of you dedicated marine professionals joined us for what proved to be a true coming together of the industry.

“The aim of the Expo was to kick start conversation and I believe we certainly achieved this with the launch of our first National Agenda, followed by two days of engaging talks and seminars. The National Agenda received great praise from industry at the event and we hope it’s a truly valuable platform that can help invigorate the industry going forward.

“My personal highlight was talking to people about the Agenda and hearing how they wanted to get involved. It’s exciting that our industry is getting behind it.

“There’s no denying the event was a success with reports from speakers, exhibitors and delegates of the buzzing atmosphere experienced across the event. It felt like the industry was collectively focused on one goal – a thriving industry delivering amazing on water experience for everyone. Thank you to all for making it successful!

“But it doesn’t stop here. The variety of learning, networking and business opportunities at the Expo is the start of what we hope to deliver for our members throughout 2020.”

For further information on the National Agenda visit britishmarine.co.uk/nationalagenda.

Content extracted from https://www.boatingbusiness.com/news101/comment/british-marine-news/our-pole-star-for-a-brighter-future